Retrofitting & Additions

We understand that in business, the bottom line affects everything. Lighting retrofits can make a dent in your monthly utility expenses while making your building a little greener. In addition, well-illuminated facilities can lead to higher productivity and a safer working environment.

The process involves replacing the lamps and ballasts with more energy efficient components. Sometimes all new lighting fixtures offer the most cost effective solution. With these components, you are in control of the level of light, which is aesthetically pleasing in addition to being environmentally friendly.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Save money in energy costs
  • Improved lighting quality

Reducing energy consumption involves cutting the input wattage and/or adjusting the hours of operation using lighting timers and motion sensors. Grasser is an experienced St. Louis electrical contractor, prepared to not only educate our commercial customers on the benefits of retrofitting but also safely and professionally install the upgrades.

In addition to retrofitting upgrades, we can also help with new electrical installations and additions. Start your project fresh with a custom designed energy efficient lighting system. Each building is unique, and so is each company. We want to give our customers the best service possible, and that means doing a complete inspection of the building to determine what kind of retrofitting will deliver the most value.

For more information on retrofitting and electrical additions contact the St. Louis and St. Charles electricians at Grasser.

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