Energy Efficient Upgrades

We can pretty safely say that saving money is something all homeowners want to do. Now Grasser Electric can help you do just that with the many energy efficient upgrades that we can provide.

The term ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘going green’ get thrown around a lot these days. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or just save a few bucks on utility bills, these upgrades are worth looking into. Now you may think that in order to save anything substantial, you’ll have to make a large initial investment. This isn’t necessarily the case. Our energy efficient upgrades range from simple bulb replacements to installation of energy saving devices such as occupancy sensors, timers, dusk to dawn controls and LED lighting. Even small changes can make a large impact on your energy consumption and bottom line.

Grasser Electric can help you determine what kind of energy efficient upgrades will work best for your home.

Our energy efficient electrical upgrades include:

Lighting Solutions

There are a number of lighting solutions that can conserve energy in addition to cutting your monthly costs. Light dimmers save you money and give you control over the intensity of your light. It also provides the convenience of being able to adjust your lighting to suit different needs and create ambiance.

We can also install light timers. These too provide control and added convenience by allowing you to set your lighting schedule to match your own. If you often forget to turn the lights off in a room, or don’t like coming home to a dark house, motion sensor lighting may be for you

Occupancy sensors can be programmed to turn lights on when the you walk into a room and turn them off after you leave. You won’t have to wonder if you turned off the lights or if the kids left all the lights on after leaving the house. These occupancy sensors can take care of that for you, cutting wasteful energy usage.

Gas Light Conversions

Gas lamps cost roughly $20 to $24 per month in natural gas usage on your gas bill. We can install electric conversions using two low voltage automobile lamps in a fixture that looks exactly like a gas lamp. Costs roughly $1.50 per month in electricity.

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